Summarizing How Leasing a Ford Substantially Benefits You

It is plain to see why so many of today’s drivers would like to change out their vehicle more often, considering the fast-paced rate at which technology and design elements evolve. Bill Dube Ford in Dover NH makes signing your name to one of the latest models simple and affordable through the Red Carpet Lease program. The Ford lease amounts are typically less than comparable term finance payments, since you only pay for part of the automobile’s value. This gives you the chance to drive an all-new Ford much sooner and still stick to your budget without compromising on what you really want.

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Upsides and Downsides of Ford Leases

Leasing a new car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Bill Dube Ford lowers your monthly payments in comparison to traditional financing plans and most likely saves you money in the long run. Plus, Ford Red Carpet Lease plans remove the problems and frustrations of trying to sell your automobile once you reach that point. The following pros and cons will help you determine whether buying or leasing fits your financial situation better:

Advantages of Leasing

  • Flexible lease terms, including popular 24/36-month leases
  • Several mileage choices available
  • Option to customize automobile with approved accessories
  • Eliminate trade-in hassles

Disadvantages of Leasing

  • Maximum mileage limits
  • Potential fees for exceeding set miles
  • Possible excess wear and use charges
  • Binding lease contract for selected vehicle

For added value that keeps your wallet filled, Bill Dube Ford leases include a 10,500-mile/first-year state inspection, full tank of gas, and no security deposit. The title or acquisition fee and administration cost are also already calculated in for your convenience.

Advantageous Lease Add-ons for Dover Drivers

Our experienced automotive team recognizes the numerous aspects you must consider when going through the process of selecting the perfect automobile for your lifestyle, specifically preferred budget range and price reduction. Ford provides the supplementary Red Carpet Lease options listed below as a way of easing your worries regarding financial matters and unexpected future expenses.

  • Gap Protection – In the unfortunate event your leased vehicle is totaled or stolen, Gap Protection may cover the difference between your insurance settlement and remaining lease balance. This valuable safety net becomes part of your lease and means you are only responsible for the insurance deductible and current outstanding amounts.
  • Advance Payment Program – Pay all of the lease costs at the beginning and forget about making monthly payments through the Advance Payment Program (APP). The total of this one payment is often lower than what you would end up paying over the specified number of months. A final invoice will be issued, if necessary.
  • Additional Security Deposits – At the lease signing, you can shell out multiple security deposits to decrease your monthly lease payments. Additional Security Deposits are used to cover extra charges incurred, such as mileage overage, and/or refunded after the contract termination date.
  • WearCare – Since no one can completely prevent car scratches, dings, and window chips, Ford offers WearCare as financial protection against excess wear and use fees. Coverage ranges up to $5,000 in most cases (conditions apply) and safeguards your bank account.

Reach out to Bill Dube Ford at 855-877-1013 for further information on these excellent lease offerings in Dover NH. Our knowledgeable Ford experts will provide clear, honest answers to any of your questions as quickly as possible.

Mileage Based on Your Driving Habits

Regardless of how many miles you expect to travel in the next couple of years, we offer reasonable lease terms ideally suited for your planned and last-minute trips. Choose from seven mileage plans starting at 10,500 miles and going up to 19,500 miles per year. If you need to increase the mileage limit even more, upfront costs are less expensive than lease-end charges.

Straightforward Lease-End Process

When your Red Carpet Lease ends, you have the opportunity to either buy or lease a new Ford model, purchase the leased vehicle at a predetermined price on or before the scheduled lease-end date, or return the automobile and walk away after paying a disposition fee and applicable charges. Choosing to purchase the leased car, truck, or SUV exempts you from fees for surplus mileage and excess wear and use. We recommend this route for those who do not want to pay the penalties or are happy with their vehicle and ready to own it for many years to come. Bill Dube Ford is here to assist you every step of the way, which makes driving home in your ideal Ford both cost-effective and convenient.